To the Family of:  _____________________

Week of:  January 14-18, 2019

Our special person was Miss Olivia. She likes camping, hiking, visiting the lake house, playing soccer for HRS, and loves to read all about Mary Poppins.

Curriculum News:

Spelling words are came, late, make, gave, brave, shape, waves, chases(all with long vowel a and a silent final e spelling, sometimes called magic e)

challenge word is Ordinary Time, as our Liturgical calendar tells us that the season of Christmas is officially over today with the Baptism of the Lord. Our church now falls into ordinary time as we approach the season of Lent.

Sentence is My dog will come to me.

 Combined with our study of habitats, the first graders learned about the qualities of a paragraph. Using our knowledge of the ocean and rain forest, we opened with a topic sentence, added three details to support our subject, and then finished with a closing sentence. We created the most beautiful art pieces to complete our projects, lots of hard work for all, even the teacher!

All are on display in our hallways. The Polar and Antarctic regions to follow.

Our math lessons take a new direction for the next month as I include a chapter which is a research unit and an integrated theme.  In this month long study, children are invited to take an imaginary trip to the Antarctic, complete with passports.  As they navigate through their travels on the world map, they study the physical attributes, behaviors, and life cycles of six different penguins.  The mathematics that the students use involves measurement, map-reading, sorting, and graphing.  A collection of travel games keeps their computation and place value skills sharp along the way.  Halfway through the unit, children have collected enough information to created life-size pictures of each penguin, and then go on to sort and measure their replicas in a variety of ways, reviewing many of the things they’ve learned about penguins in the process.  At the end of our study all will come home for sharing with you!

Also, do note that the first graders will now assume the responsibility of self reflection and assess their own work habits each week, setting a goal for improvement as we each work towards a growth mindset in this new year.

I will also begin to introduce the characteristics of  “gritty kids” as we strive to be our best!

Please do see attachments for Black History Report assignments and Lunches of Love.

Always, Diane Blanco