At Home Learning: Wednesday 5/27/2020

Saint Paul reminds us that the commandments help us to live together in community.

They are our guide and when we follow them we are able to live with peace. 

God of love, thank you for these commandments today and always.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Risen Lord, Amen. 

Homeroom Teacher: Blanco

Date: Wednesday 5/27/2020

Subject Learning Target(s) Directions Regarding Instruction Due Data/Method
Language Arts  

exclamations, spelling patterns, Reader’s Guide

Reader’s Notebook pgs 156-160

Brainpop about All Kinds of Sentences in googleclassroom

…also a darling story called Pinecone by Mrs. Lewis, what is the author’s purpose?

 end of day


Religion Book-Chapter 11

The Church’s Guide

 end of day


Essential ?

How do recognize 3D shapes?

My Review

You have completed your entire book, congrats!

 end of day


Say your Hail Mary

9:30 school mass

 end of day
Social Studies  



Physical Science

ScholasticLearn@Home Day 12

The Dot/Rainbows

 2 day assignment


Notes: Reader’s Notebook, Religion book, Math book, Computer/Tablet