Dear Parents of 1B,


Our field trip to Remlinger Farms is Tuesday! Tomorrow!

Children may wear appropriate play clothes, boots may be needed.

We go rain or shine!

All students need a sack lunch with a drink as there is no time for purchases or stops.  Please remember the carseat!

We look forward to a sing-a-long, a jump in the hay, a ride on the steam train, and choosing the perfect pumpkin from the patch!

Parents who are joining us need to see attached note for details.

Our last special person was Miss Reese. Reese likes learning the positions in Ballet class, training her puppy to do tricks, lots of swimming, and studying math at HRS.

Our math online tutorial program called Redbird is up and running!

1B students took their placement tests and are ready to proceed for drill and practice at home.

Go to HRS website


Blanco, website

Redbird is noted to the right, click

Class roster opens

Passwords for Redbird are attached for use.


Each grade level teaches two Safe Environment lessons for students.

Please do notify me if you would prefer for your child to opt out.


No behavior reports this week as mid-tris are coming home Friday with MAPS results.  Please do review, affirm, and set a goal for growth!  Sign envelope and return.  I will visit with you and your first grader at length at conferences in a few weeks.  Thanks!


Happy Week!  Always, Diane Blanco

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