Grade One is now in full swing!

Please remember that a peechee/folder needs to come to and from school daily and that homework is due the following day.  Also, a big thank you for your magazine subscriptions!

Keep reading to fill up your pink Home Reading List. Students receive stickers for their efforts. Record books read by parent and/or child.  It’s also fun to see how many books you can read together as a family. Congratulations to those who have already completed their first one!

Happy September birthday to Sydney, Parker, and Connor!

Curriculum News:  In Religion, we begin with an introduction to our new series.

It teaches us that our families belong to a community called the Catholic Church.   As a community of Catholics, we begin and end prayer with the universal Sign of the Cross no matter what language we speak. From the Bible story, The Good Shepherd, we will discover that Jesus calls us each by name to follow him. As we begin to study Scripture, we will also discuss that God inspired the humans who wrote down his words in the Bible, which is made up of two parts, the Old and New Testaments.

P.S. We will continue to refine mass behavior as we gather weekly as a school community, this week’s goal is eyes on all speakers. Grade one is off  to a great start!

We are beginning handwriting practice and reviewing the only six strokes that form our “ball and stick” letters all while using an appropriate “pinch grip” on our pencil tool.

We will then master the mouth positions, sounds and the lower case letter forms of our phonograms.  After I have taught a particular form, I then expect the children to write the lower case letter correctly using the head, belt, and foot lines.  We have also been practicing appropriate posture when writing.

The children are learning to sit at a desk with their chair pulled in, straight back, feet flat, pointed forward, and their “helping hand” down on their paper so it does not slip.  Reinforcement at home is appreciated.


Tuesday evenings will now become our “at home reading night” as your first grader will bring home a guided reading selection to practice with you, please do send back to school the following day for use in reading groups. Thanks!


We continue our first chapter in Math, which includes the concept of number, matching objects one-to-one, counting, and writing number forms properly.  We are now beginning to solve story problems using a variety of strategies and then recording one’s thinking with visual models and symbols.

Grade one is reviewing addition number sentences and practicing adding zero to another number.


Your children are working hard to learn to follow direction the first time given,  please help by stressing this at your home also!  “Owning My Behavior” reports will be attached next week.

Attached are your student’s first reading assessments, both Dolch word recall(aim for 200!) and fluency.

We look forward to continued improvement and growth for all in the coming months.


Thanks for all you do to make WestFest  happen at HRS! What fun for all.    Always, Diane Blanco


P.S. Tomorrow is Picture Day, free dress or uniform, you choose!

Grade one visits Remlinger Farms on 10/22, permission slips to follow.

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