June 3-7, 2019

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow, Tuesday is our visit to the Woodland Park Zoo.

Each child many wear appropriate free dress, tennis shoes, and needs a sack lunch, no purchases may be made.

Also, remember that car seat.

Looks like good weather, but we go rain or shine, please have your child prepared.

Drivers! Thank you to each of the parents who are able to join us.  Please come to our classroom at 9:00 to load your passengers.  You must enter the West Gate, Penguin exhibit  (not the Rose Garden) the parking fee is $7, but…in the last few years all drivers have found ample parking right in neighborhood at no cost, as we arrive quite early in the morning. (I park to the North and follow the path to the gate.) Please note that I have no extra seats, we need you!

(Be sure you are at West Gate, otherwise you will not be included in group fee if you end up elsewhere!)


Our last spelling list!  Words are who, when, where, which, what, why, how, people, have, there(our second grade teachers say these always need mastery)and our challenge word is Pentecost! (The students have been quite surprised to learn that we are still in the liturgical season of Easter!  Pentecost celebrates the arrival of our Advocate and Guide, the Holy Spirit and then we fall back into Ordinary Time.)

The sentence is Look out grade two, here I come!

 Our religion unit centers around morality, as Jesus’ words and actions teach us that we are to love and serve while following the Ten Commandments. Sometimes we sin, but God always offers forgiveness when we are truly sorry.  God wants us to forgive others and ourselves.

We will be visited by a librarian from the Seattle Public Library this week so as to kick off the Summer Reading Program at our local libraries.  This is a fun way to keep your child reading all summer, which is so important now that they are readers!  The required number of books is ten, but I know you can read many, many more.

HRS will once again sponsor a reading program for HRS students as well, do both!  A special pancake breakfast is the reward in the Fall for all who participate. Please immerse your child in print all summer long so as to prevent “summer slide”, otherwise you will be paying for it in the fall.  Second grade teachers will immediately be looking for 70-80 words per minute on a more challenging piece of text.  Do all you can to assist your student to get off to successful start in grade two.

And…children are to have a working PeeChee until the last day of grade one!

It is part of their school supplies, models materials management, and we are transporting important info each day.  We do have 2 weeks of learning remaining, please help your student to focus and make the most of our time together.

Thanks for your cooperation.

 Soup Kitchen is Wednesday evening’s homework…only 2 opportunities left.

Happy Birthday to Hayden!

9 days and counting…

Diane Blanco

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