To the Family of:  ___________________________________

Week of:  March 4-8, 2019

Thank you for your participation in our Parade of Presidents!

The children really enjoy this event and learn so very much.

You can be very proud of all.  Projects will be on display in our hallway this week, as well as their Flag/ American Pop Art/Tech project, modeled after a famous work by Jasper Johns. Do see attached assignment, If I Was President, as all were precious…

Another thank you for becoming explorers just like Lewis and Clark and creating fabulous specimen boxes, all turned out great!  Such variety and much fun to view. The children were fascinated to discover that the expedition made it all the way to Washington state!

Will March come in like a lion or a lamb?

The first graders will let you know as they

will be keeping their very own weather graph

all month long.  New science vocabulary includes

temperature, seasons, thermometer, water vapor,

and migration.  Have you noticed the recent return

of the robins?  Signs of spring are in the air!

We will view the HRS production of The Fearsome

Pirate Frank presented by our junior high drama

elective students on Friday, always fun and well done!

Adeline is a very special person.

Adeline enjoys being the best big sister to Arden, also likes to study and read all about science, and looks forward to a board game with her family.

Our penguin unit is almost complete. We are very proud to call ourselves “penguin experts”.  Your child’s collection of completed material will be coming home soon for sharing, please do take a few minutes to hear all about their research project, complete with a specially engineered visual model! (thanks for the water bottles!)

Curriculum News:

Lent is upon us. We will honor Ash Wednesday at an 8:45 parish mass, perfect uniform, please. The children will be signed with ashes and I will guide them to seriously consider a “change of heart” during this Lenten season to help become better followers of Jesus Christ.  We will add more prayer each Friday as we listen to a special audio tape depicting the events of the life of Jesus.  We will practice the tradition of fasting by giving up sweet treats with our lunches on Wednesdays(we will also discuss the ideas of fasting from gossip, complaining, fussiness, disobedience, etc…)  In addition, each child has made a special private promise to Jesus for this forty day journey.  I will assist by reminding the children to be faithful to their intentions each day during our morning prayer.

 Our annual all school service project is detailed in the EFCE as students are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch for the Martin de Porres Men’s Shelter, perishable foods are acceptable as they are eaten promptly. The shelter also requests a needed item on some weeks, not this one. Thanks for participating any Friday during this Lenten season when you are able.

Curriculum News: Our new spelling words are boat, coat, road, toad, snow, blow, low, grow, row, show,(oa is a spelling typically used in the middle of words, ow at the ends)  Challenge words are United States  Sentence is The boys and girls can hit the ball.

 We are also completing a dental health unit which is of high interest to the children. They may ask for some help with a brushing chart which is coming home today. Also, ties in with our new story which is called “Where Does Our Food Come From?” and highlights healthy eating habits.

 Happy Week.

Always, Diane Blanco

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